One of the coolest tips to make ACT! work better is to learn to right-click. If you think of right-click like a restaurant menu, it shows you the choices you can make:  fried chicken, hamburger, or pizza. Then when you left-click, that is making the choice – I want a hamburger today.

If you right-click inside a field, you get a choice to lookup by that field. This saves a lot of clicking and scrolling!  If you want to look up by data in the middle of the field, put a % sign at the beginning.

For example, if you want to look up ACT! Certified Consultants, you could right-click in the correct field and type in the word “ACT!”. But if you wanted to look up all consultants in your database, you could right-click and type “%consultants” and it would bring up QuickBooks consultants, ACT! consultants, Business consultants, etc.

If you right-click on the background of your layout, it will bring up quite a few choices. With one right-click, you can add a new contact, duplicate a contact, schedule tasks, write letters or emails, and record notes or history.
Try it and see what you think!